Hey guys! A couple of days ago, I interviewed Skinny Moon, that Pop Creator who basically everyone knows about. If you’ve never heard of her, you’ve clearly been living under a rock for a while.

Anyway, as anyone in-the-know would know, the PHB has had a ton of interviews with Skinny Moon, and she is so holding back on a lot of juicy info that we’re all just dying to hear. But this time, possibly under strain from the busloads of crazed dedicated Pop fans urging her to give us more than just a few annoying sneak peeks (and not just about Pop Worlds!), she’s given us a juicy scoop – exclusively here on PopFeedz! Check out the latest for yourself:

PopFeedz: Hey Jess! Now, what was the reason you agreed to be interviewed?

Skinny Moon: Well, mainly because you and everyone else have been urging me to talk to you guys about Pop Worlds a little more LOL!

PopFeedz: Very true. And not just about Pop Worlds, right?

Skinny Moon: Haha, of course not! Each time I’ve come to the PHC, or had an interview, everyone has been asking me about totally random stuff, especially my favorite things! Let me see, I’ve been asked about my favorite villain, ice cream flavor, fruit, PHB author, aspect of Pop Worlds, and quite a few other things I’ve forgotten now; my old brain can’t keep up with overloads like these LOL

PopFeedz: Yeah, you forgot that you were asked twice about your favorite Pringles flavor.

Skinny Moon: Oh yes, I remember! I did say my brain couldn’t keep up 😛

PopFeedz: And we’re pretty sure there were more favorites you were asked about, but we seriously can’t be bothered looking at all your interviews and chats now. You have a lot of difficulty picking favorites, huh?

Skinny Moon: Oh, for sure. Wait – you’re not about to ask me another ‘favorite’ question, are you? ‘Cause let me tell you, those are so hard to answer!

PopFeedz: Alright, Ms. Moon, no more ‘favorite’ questions. We want to get right into the heart of things. What can you tell us about Poptropica Worlds? And don’t give us none of that “nothing” talk again! It doesn’t hurt to reveal a little something.

Skinny Moon: Mm. Okay. You know I can’t say much. But because you guys won’t leave me alone, I’m gonna let you guys in on one thing, okay? Just this one. Remember how we said we were going to form a universal storyline for Poptropica and its origin? Well, that’s happening, we promise–

PopFeedz: Ah yes! You mean with the graphic novels, right? About how we’ve had two so far with book 3 on the way, and none of them have yet to address the origins of Poptropica? What’s up with that?

Skinny Moon: Hey, come on now, a good story doesn’t just leave you with all the answers! If it didn’t leave you with questions, you’d forget about it, wouldn’t you?

PopFeedz: Are you evading the question again?? You said you had a sneak peek for us!!

Skinny Moon: Right, right, I’m getting to that. Okay, so you’re gonna travel through time quite a bit–

PopFeedz: Like on Time Tangled Island? And every island with historic roots?

Skinny Moon: Oh, believe me, this is much cooler. Like I said, I can’t say much. But I did sneak a piece of another Creator’s sketchbook to show you guys. Man, they’re really paranoid about revealing anything, and it was so hard to convince them to give me this one page, so you’d better treasure it for the next three months or so! Who knows when you’ll be getting another one!

PopFeedz: Alright, let’s see it!

Skinny Moon: This is it!

PopFeedz: …What the heck??

Skinny Moon: Recognize them?

PopFeedz: Oliver and Mya?

Skinny Moon: Yes! As teenagers! Oliver as the ever-cute nerd he is, and Mya takes on a bit of a punk phase.

PopFeedz: That’s… oh… wow. Uhh, what inspired this?

Skinny Moon: I’m glad you asked! Well, believe it or not, teenaged me was much like teenaged Mya, if you can imagine that. *laughs* I went through my own punk rock phase, obsessed with all the emo fashions of the day, like dark clothing and a perpetual resting angry face covered in makeup. I decided the world hated me and listened to sad music all the time. I thought I was cooler than everyone else. So that experience inspired Mya’s makeover.

PopFeedz: Wow, that’s unexpected. And what about Oliver?

Skinny Moon: Oliver, oh, Oliver! Ha! Yes! That was inspired by Jeff Kinney, of all people! Okay, you know the Wimpy Kid, right? Of course you do. Well, let me tell you something. Before Greg Heffley, there was Oliver. Oliver is, basically, what Jeff Kinney imagined himself was like as a kid. A bookish, witty, cute-looking boy with lots of charm. Oh, boy, Jeff was in for a rude awakening when he went to get feedback for the protagonist of his books! The Wimpy Kid you know now? Yeah, nothing like Oliver. Awkward, bratty, struggling through puberty and middle school – that’s Greg Heffley. Much more like the kid Jeff Kinney was. Pshh, I can’t believe he thought he was an Oliver. No offense, Jeff! We all love you still! Don’t fire me!

PopFeedz: Oh MAN. That is some golden info right there. Thanks for sharing, Skinny Moon. And for the sneak peek. That’s, uh, interesting. We’ll leave it for the other Pop bloggers to analyze… we would too, but that’s not what we’re about anymore. We just take the latest scoop and run with it.

Skinny Moon: Well, thanks for having me, you guys. Best of luck with the new site.

PopFeedz: Goodbye now. Thanks for joining us in this interview. Rock on, Poptropicans.