With Poptropica Worlds fast approaching, anyone with a brain will start to wonder: what’s REALLY in store for us?

Luckily, PopFeedz reporters have managed to get their hands on some behind-the-scenes sketches from the Creators themselves! Hopefully these iffy designs don’t spell out TRAGEDY for the whole game. Let’s take a look:

sketch 2

A cool tree house usually leads to fun, but am I really reading those signs correctly?!? Looks like the members will be getting some fun, but what about all the average players???

sketch 1

Yet again, more special treatment for members. While they get some cool new rides, the rest of us are hung out to dry with only the classic blimp. Where’s my upgrade???

sketch 4

Looks like you gotta start paying if you want to get anywhere! If these new items are implemented, members are gonna have HUGE advantages in all islands. I mean, who doesn’t want a hoverboard in Poptropica?

sketch 3

Finally something for EVERYONE, am I right? But looking at these sketches, are we really happy about that? Compared to classic Poptropica, this art style just seems… funny.

First, there were all those islands that became members-only and now this? Looks like the Creators have finally succumbed to the pleasures of money. Not only are members getting all the sweets, but the visuals are becoming kinda… sketchy.