The PopFeedz team has been snooping out on Twitter, discovering the most hilarious tweets about Poptropica that are so good we just had to share them with you. So. Accurate. It. Hurts.

1. This tweet about priorities:

2. About that time when you have to face the truth:

3. That time when the autosave feature was a blessing:

4. About how Pop lets our imaginations run wild:

5. When you get throwback vibes:

6. When you know something because you learned about it on Poptropica:

7. How about this *mind-blowing* revelation?

8. That secret we’ve been hiding for years:

9. When Poptropica is the pepper spray to peer pressure:

10. And finally, friendship goals: 🙂

Which tweet was your favorite? Buzz in your thoughts in the comments below!