Have you ever wondered just how lit your Poptropica experience is in comparison to others? Well now you can find out with our handy checklist quiz, which is comprised of five sections: Poptropica mastery, glitching, artistry, membership, and blogging. In each section, pick only one of the points groups that most closely defines your experience. Here we go…

Poptropica Mastery

10 pts – You’ve got it all. All islands beat, tons of friends added, completely rocking your costume, everything. Your personal motto in life is “explore, collect, compete.” And you mean it.

8 pts – You’re pretty close to full mastery. You’ve got most of the islands down (except those darned members only ones!), you’ve played your share of common room games, and generally have a pretty solid account. Still, you’re a pile of credits short from having everything you want.

5 pts – You’ve got about half of the islands done, and have a handful of friends. You’re moving along in this world, but there’s still a ways to go.

3 pts – You’ve got ten or less islands done, but you’re getting the swing of things.

0 pts – You’re still wearing the clothes you got from when you started, you don’t know what you’re supposed to be doing on this island anyway… you’re practically a Poptropica fetus straight out of the box you popped right out of.


10 pts – You know even more than what’s listed below. You probably have a ton of rare items and oddly dressed accounts with questionable fashion tastes, but that’s what makes you a master glitcher!

5 pts – You know your way around the glitching tools: ASG, iPop, MAP, Ad Transporter.

3 pts – You know the basics: Ctrl + Shift + R randomizes your Poptropican, for example.

0 pts – You have no clue what any of this means.


10 pts – You’re so brilliant you’ve won an art contest within the Poptropica community! Congrats to you!

7 pts – Poptropica has shared your art on social media or their blog. Pretty sweet.

5 pts – You’ve made some Poptropica fan art and shared it with people.

3 pts – You like to check in on DeviantArt, the Popcorn magazine, and other places for fan art.

0 pts – You can’t draw a circle to save your life, let alone three circles for a Poptropican’s head and eyes.


10 pts – You’ve been a member for at least a year.

6 pts – You’ve been a member for at least six months.

4 pts – You’ve been a member for at least three months.

2 pts – You’ve been a member for at least one month.

0 pts – You’ve never been a member. 😦


10 pts – You’re a blogger on the PHB – I mean, PopFeedz, the greatest Pop fan site there is. No offense, other Pop sites. Love you all, but PopFeedz is unequivocally #1. Unless you’re the Creators’ Blog. Then fine, you can tie with us.

9 pts – You’ve started and currently run your very own Poptropica fan site. Way to go!

5 pts – You’re a contributor on someone else’s Poptropica fan site. Nice.

3 pts – You browse various fan sites and leave comments around.

1 pt – You’re here, on a Pop fan site, so hey, take a point.

Alright, now it’s time to tally up your score. To find out just how much you’ve popped to the Poptropica top, take the number of points you have and multiply it by 2. There’s your percentage for how Popped to the Top you are! (So a score of 40 (x 2) = 80(%).)

And there you have it. Stay awesome, friends.