Biscotti, a male blue betta fish, lives in a pineapple under the roof of Slanted Fish, the creator of PopFeedz (and also the PHB, I guess). He’s pretty awesome, so for all you PopFeedz readers, you’re in for a treat with this gallery of pet pics.

Now, Biscotti and his pineapple are in a little tank of water, so he can’t actually play Poptropica. But he does like to watch Slanted Fish’s character jump around in the game. They keep each other company.


Biscotti is totally enamored by Fishy’s blue cap and jacket. After all, Biscotti too has a blue cap and jacket – and blue fins, and a big long blue tail!


And Biscotti’s so excited about all of you meeting him that he keeps encircling his tank in bursts of happiness. Just keep swimming, as they say.


Well, it’s time to say goodbye. Biscotti says it’s been a pleasure to have your attention. Splish splash.